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Helping Businesses and Organizations See

the Forest and the Trees


We are your 0n-Demand Energy Manager helping organizations that have a significant energy expense but don't have room for a dedicated head count.  From benchmarking to project design, RFP management to rebate procurement, you get ROI verification at every step  


Our team has completed energy efficiency retrofits in over 10,000 sites across 5 western states over the last 10 years.  From national accounts with hundred of sites to single location family businesses, from one-million square foot event centers to one-thousand square foot corner markets, our clients save millions of dollars per year.


For nearly a decade California utilites have trusted us to provide vertically integrated commercial energy efficiency programs to their valued cusotmers.  The Keep Your Cool program has served thousands of businesses in the small, hard-to-reach category.  


Long-time partners, loyal clients and dedicated suppliers through years know that our story has been "topsy-turvy" over the years.  From extremely humble beginnings to being listed on the Nasdaq, our team has enjoyed jubilant success and dramatic change, not to mention several names.  But never has our vision changed or mission waivered.  


At the end of every day we can go home knowing that in a small way what we did today improved things for someone else.  Because when it comes to using energy efficiently, helping great organizations do well also means they are doing good.  


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Menlo Park, CA 94026


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